How it works

A passion for thrifting, reusing and repurposing merged with a love for natural fibres and Eutierria Arts was born. Our focus lies in bringing previously loved, unwanted and damaged natural fibres back to life and together in one space to make welcoming natural fibres into your life easy and affordable.

Our process looks like this: 

1. Search high and low through thrift stores for beautiful natural fibres

2. Prepare it for sale - wash, treat stains, remove pilling (whatever it requires), and steam each piece 

3. Research the brand for price comparisons, take photos for the website and add a listing to the website

Worried about artificial fragrance/scents in fabrics?

Scented laundry products can leave a very strong smell on clothing and we understand that this may be a concern to those who are shopping previously loved. Garments with very high artificial fragrance/scents are not considered for selling at Eutierria Arts, we take a pass. Additionally, each piece that is chosen to sell at Eutierria Arts is steam cleaned or washed and steam cleaned to eliminate any smells or scents within a garment. We strive to offer neutral smelling garments but you may still notice a very slight scent, we can't guarantee a completely scent free product.








Not very long into our venture we noticed we were coming across many garments that were no longer able to be used as they were initially intended to be. From large rips and holes to untreatable stains and shrunken wools, while these natural fibres were still beautiful they were no longer beautiful clothing and that is when our "Creative Offerings" idea was born. Taking damaged natural fibres and creating something beautiful with them has become a pillar in the foundation of Eutierria Arts. Our creatve offerings will be introduced to the website very soon!